You should STOP seasoning your steak, here’s why: This technique is not new, but has been causing waves in the community of grilling and smoking enthusiasts. Its supporters argue that seasoning the meat directly might work “all right”, but that there may be a superior method you never considered…

Why You Should Stop Seasoning Your Steaks

The logic goes as follows: many of the seasonings we commonly use on steak and other cuts of meat lose their edge during cooking. Whether it is the salt crystals that break down in the heat, or freshly ground pepper that burns on the grill, there should be a way to add all the flavor without compromising.

How does one go about doing that? Simple: don’t season the steak, season the cutting board – adding all the flavor after cooking it!

Step one, throw the steak on whatever cooker you are using. While it’s cooking, you can take the time to prepare the seasoning – no need to do it in advance! Chop up some rosemary, shred a clove of garlic, and squeeze some lemon on top of these on the cutting board. Add pepper and sea salt to taste.

At the same time, keep an eye on the steak, flipping when necessary.

Right before the steak is done, add a couple teaspoons of butter to the seasonings on the cutting board. Then place the steak on top of everything. The heat will melt the butter, soften the rosemary, and the juices coming out of the meat will mix with everything else to create a heavenly sauce…

Finally, slice the steak on the same cutting board, and toss the pieces in the juices & seasonings. As the meat cools down, it will absorb most of the juice on the cutting board, allowing the flavor to penetrate.

What are your thoughts on this technique? Will you stop seasoning your steak

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