Not your average grilled ribeye steak recipe here… on top of the perfect steak, you’ll learn how to present an amazing meal complete with baked spuds and grilled green stuff (if you’re in to that sort of thing)…

The Ultimate Grilled Ribeye Steak Recipe! (+extras)

Set up your grill for indirect cooking. You want to have an area with very high heat (directly over the burning charcoal), and a second area where you can cook with indirect heat.

The first thing you want to throw on your grill is the spuds, since they will be cooking the longest. Season the spuds with sea salt and allow them to slowly cook for ~50 minutes before starting with the meat.

Next, season the steak only with sea salt. The pepper will be added a bit later, to avoid it turning bitter on the high heat. Place it directly over your heat source and sear it for 1 minute per side. When done, pick it up with a pair of tongs and sear the edges as well.

Move the steak over to indirect heat. In the meantime, toss some kale with soy sauce and sesame seed oil and place it over direct heat. The kale will turn sweet and is a killer salad to accompany meat. You’re looking for brown, crispy kale.

Cook the steak for about 9 minutes, moving it between the direct and indirect zones on your grill to cook evenly. When ready, pull it off the grill and season with pepper. Carryover heat will keep cooking the steak for at least another 5 minutes, so the flavors will penetrate the meat.

Time to plate your meal!

Lay down the kale, and place the spuds on top. Cut them open and add some butter or sour cream. Finally, slice the steak, add it to your plate, and enjoy!

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