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Selecting the perfect ribeye steak: there are many different opinions on the matter. The following video will try to make things clear to you, so you can select the ribeye steak that you really want.

How to Trim Ribeye Steak from a Prime Rib Roast

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First, the basics. To distinguish where our steak comes from, we will divide the uncut loin into three sections: The first is the side towards the short loin, the second, in the middle, is the center cut, and the third towards the chuck. The loin shown in the video resulted in 13 steaks in total, so we could say that there are about 4 steaks in each section (this obviously varies, depending on the size of the loin and the thickness of the ribeye steaks you cut it into).

Let’s start chopping the loin into steaks, beginning with the short loin side. This side has less marbling, but the eye is much larger. The cap is also quite smaller than that on the rest of the steaks. Ribeye steaks from this side are great if you prefer your steak medium to well done, since there is not too much fat that will melt away during the cooking process.

We proceed onto the center cut. You will notice that the eye of the ribeye steaks in this part are consistently large for about 3-4 cuts (14 ounce ribeye). This is the cut that you usually see in stores, with an eye that is a little smaller than on the short loin side, but with more cap meat.

Finally we get into the chuck side. Here we see more marbling and cap meat. These are the ribeye steaks with a richer flavor, suited for medium-rare and rare steaks.

Watch the video for more tips on trimming a prime rib roast and selecting the perfect ribeye steak!

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