If you want to try something new and delicious with a familiar cut of meat then try this traditional Picanha recipe. A Brazilian sirloin cap cook that is served with some mouth watering chimichurri makes one heck of a meal for the family!

You Will Need

  • Sirloin Cap (Picanha)
  • Coarse salt

Traditional Picanha Recipe – Brazilian Grilled Sirloin Cap

This traditional Picanha recipe is very easy to execute. To get started, carve the fat cap into squares or diamonds (as you would with a ham).

Now pack both sides of the meat with plenty of coarse salt. This is going to be the only “seasoning” you’ll do in this cook, therefore be liberal with it.

Fire up your grill, and prepare for cooking over direct heat. Keep two things in mind: Firstly, you’ll have to move the meat to indirect heat later on, so make the necessary preparations for that. Secondly, try to keep the heat as low as you can during this part of the cook, so as not to burn the fat.

Place the picanha fat side down over the flames. When the meat turns a nice brown color, move it to indirect heat (or, depending on your setup, install a deflector plate).

Cook at 350ºF for the remaining time. Target internal temperature of the meat is 135ºF (for medium). Let the beef rest for 10 minutes before serving.


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Traditional Picanha Recipe

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Traditional Picanha Recipe

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Traditional Picanha Recipe