Christmas gifts for BBQ fanatics… These are the gifts that keeps on giving! It’s no secret that most BBQ fanatic’s favorite part of grilling, smoking, and barbecuing great food is when they see the smiles on the faces of the people they’ve fed! So why not do them a favor and get him or her some great gifts this holiday season so that they can continue to see those smiles and you can continue to enjoy great food year round?

We’ve been asked dozens of times over the past several weeks regarding the best holiday gifts for BBQ lovers. So we did some research, asked around, analyzed best sellers, took in to consideration most frequently used products and came up with the following list of the top 9 best gifts for the BBQ fanatic in your family. Wait till you see #9, you’ll never have thought of this one without having read through this list.

Listed in order of price…

1) Coffee/Whisky Mug for BBQ Fanatics (Price range $9.99 – $19.99)


Late night’s and early mornings are no stranger for BBQ Pitmasters. Whether it be staying up late drinking with the boys or waking up early start fire for that 12 hour brisket cook, these multi-purpose coffee/whisky mugs come in quite handy. Besides, they look really great and provide comedic relief for friends.

2) (2) Pairs of Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ Gloves (Price range 15.99 – 26.99)


Does your BBQ fanatic already has a pair of these? We’ll you may want to consider getting them another pair and here’s why… you have raw meat and you have cooked meat and you don’t want them to handle the cooked meat using the same gloves they used to handle their raw meat right? More likely than not your BBQ fanatic is grilling their meat outside and doesn’t have the time nor the patience to walk inside the house and wash those gloves when switching from raw to cooked meat and back. Just get them another pair as a stocking stuffer as they’re very affordable and used almost every time we light up the grill.

3) BBQ Cook Books (Price range $9.99 – $29.99)

holiday recipes for your pellet grill ebook cover

The first thing you need to know about BBQ fanatics is that they love to see smiles on the faces of the people they feed. The second thing you need to know about BBQ fanatics is that they love to learn more about grilling, smoking, and barbecuing great food, so why not get them a resource full of ideas, recipes, and tips? Check out Susie Bulloch’s Holiday Recipe Book preview here and a sample recipe as well.

4) High Quality BBQ Tool Set (Price range $22.99 – $39.99)

3 piece grilling tool set 500 wide

Your BBQ fanatic needs some high quality tools to get the job done. Length, they need tools that are longer than 12″ so that they can use them to reach across the grill without burning themselves. Non-slip, these tools should include some kind of rubber grip on the handles to keep from slipping out of their hands. Avoid tongs that are a single piece of “bent” metal as the elbow of these types do not open wide enough on their own and tend to weaken over time, you’re better off purchasing a quality pair of tongs with a hinge elbow and locking mechanism.

5) Cast Iron Cookware (Price range $18 – $45)

lodge cast iron 10.25 inch skillet NEW - EDIT

BBQ Fanatics love traditional ways of cooking, after all we’re talking meat over a fire and it doesn’t get more traditional than that… except if you’re talking about cooking with cast iron which is a lost art that goes back centuries. If he or she doesn’t already have a set of cast iron, they’ll more than likely love a new one! And even if they don’t know how to use it just yet, we’re certain that their passion for making great food will drive them to learn how and as a side benefit you’ll probably get to experience their cast iron cooking creations.

6) Hoodies for BBQ Fanatics (Price range $34.99 – $49.99)

money cant buy hoodie_black

If you want your BBQ fanatic to cook you up a great meal this winter you’re going to have to keep them warm while they do it outside so what better way to do that by getting them a custom BBQ hoodie, NOT available in stores!

7) Digital BBQ Meat Probe Thermometer(s) (Price range $14.95 – 79.95)

digital BBQ meat probe thermometer

The only thing a BBQ fanatic despises more than under-cooked meat, is over-cooked meat, so don’t let it happen by getting them a good digital BBQ Meat Probe thermometer. Remember that your BBQ fanatic typically needs at least 2 probes, 1 probe to measure ambient heat (the heat inside the grill) since those temperature gauges that generally come already attached to your grill tend to be unreliable, as well as another probe to measure the temperature inside the meat that their cooking. And if they’re cooking more than one type of meat in a single cook then that may mean more probes for each cut.

8) Quick Shade Canopy (Price range $99 – $199)

quick shade

It’s winter time in the USA so for many people that means rain, sleet, snow, but that doesn’t need to slow down your BBQ fanatic from cooking up some delicious holiday meat on that grill. Get them a quick shade canopy to protect from the weather and have them set it up just outside the garage, the front door, or the back patio and keep the smoker under the tent. We don’t recommend grilling at high heat under these tents, however a low and slow smoke should be safe and sound when the legs of the tent are fully extended.

9) Grill/Smoker (Price range $99 – $999+)

chopper grill

Because your BBQ fanatic deserves it!!! Okay so maybe the chopper grill is a bit of a stretch, however your BBQ fanatic could use a new grill. They might be picky about their cooker so maybe let them pick it out for themselves? As we said earlier, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Feed your BBQ fanatic with some great BBQ gear and they’ll keep feeding you great food year round!

Tag someone in the comments below that should buy you some of the items on this list.

Special thanks and appreciation to all you grilling, meat smoking, barbecuing fanatics out there making people smile this holiday season!

Happy Grillin’ & Smokin’,

~I Love Grilling Meat

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