As the summer 2015 barbecue season rolls along you’re probably looking for new ideas, recipes, tricks, tips, and techniques to up your barbecue game. Well, we’ve got great¬†news… we’ve searched high and low to find you the top 13 best BBQ YouTube channels for summer 2015.

Not only are these guys masters of the pit, but they are also incredibly knowledgeable, great at teaching this stuff, and to top if off they all look good on camera ūüėČ

So¬†be sure to pay attention as you read through¬†this entire post and find some of their best work in the videos below because these gentlemen are the real deal…

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Here they are listed in no particular order:

Top 11 Best BBQ YouTube Channels For Summer 2015


Meet Pitmaster Christian Stevenson a.k.a. DJ BBQ. This charismatic caveman style pitmaster can cook up some mean BBQ! Christian said… “I like to cook big hunks of meat using my big ol’ smoker. I’m all about getting outdoors and acting like a caveman. Let’s get feral people! Feral and Tasty!”

Not only will you pick up a bunch valuable BBQ tips and tricks, but you’ll also have a lot of fun watching his videos. Check our Christian in his Black Mountain Chicken wrapped in Bacon tutorial video…

Barbecue Tricks a.k.a GrateTV

Your host Pitmaster Bill West located in Charleston, SC and Pitmaster Jack Waiboer from Carolina Pitmasters guide you through some amazing BBQ experiences. You’ve probably heard of¬†a barbecuing a “whole hog”¬†right? You might have even done a whole hot yourself. Well, below you’ll find one of their most popular videos shot at¬†Bovinova event where¬†they¬†barbecued an entire cow, very cool!

How To BBQ Right

Your host Pitmaster Malcom Reed, after years of competing with his team, Killer Hogs and winning numerous awards and championships, he made the great decision to share his love of barbecue with competition barbecue secrets, barbecue recipes and even behind-the-scenes footage at competitions.

Malcom really knows his stuff and is a great teacher filled with years of first and knowledge from high level BBQ competition. Check out this video where Malcom lays down some competition BBQ golden nuggets of knowledge in making competition style baby back ribs…

Ballistic BBQ

Your host Pitmaster Greg is¬†all about traditional “Low N Slow” barbecue and grilling. But you will also find recipes that are traditionally cooked indoors prepared on the grill with a Ballistic BBQ twist. He also has an extensive list of burger recipes you may want to check out.

Greg really looks out for the best interest of his viewers as you’ll discover in this¬†video below where he conducts a very informative experiment on the¬†highly controversial topic of using transglutaminase to make formed steaks, otherwise known as “meat glue”. If you eat steak, especially in restaurants, you’re going to want to watch this video…

The Backyard BBQ Show a.k.a. BBQFOOD4U

Your host Pitmaster Jason King has some excellent step-by-step walk-through barbecue recipes. He shares a lot of valuable information regarding barbecue tools,¬†grills, smokers, sauces, rubs, cooking methods, and much more. Check out Jason’s¬†work below in this¬†Volcano Potato recipe which looks absolutely delicious!

Smoked Reb BBQ

You can really tell that host Pitmaster Brian of Smoked Reb BBQ is a pitmaster truly dedicated to his family and love of cooking outdoors. More recently he’s been doing a lot of the food preparation and cooking with his daughter which he says has been an amazing experience. Check out one of Brian’s most viewed videos below going over the 3-2-1 ribs method…

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Smoke And Grill

Your host Pitmaster Andy Wasserman of gives out some golden nuggets of BBQ advice and says his¬†main goal, while having fun cooking, is to share some of the things that he’s¬†learned in his¬†backyard, in the kitchen, and judging KCBS BBQ events.

Take a look a Andy’s high quality butt… pork butt that is, in this Boston butt BBQ pulled pork video tutorial ūüėČ

Modern Pitmaster

Your host Pitmaster Jacob takes¬†a very detailed “how to” approach in his videos providing a ton of value for those looking to learn and better their barbecue game. In his Big Green Egg Tips and Tricks video below is a great¬†example of BBQknowledge that Jacob has to share. Watch the video¬†all the way through and I can pretty much¬†guarantee you’ll learn something new…

Smoked Meat With Jef

Pitmaster Jef Spencer (that’s right, one “f”!) is one of those guys who¬†when you watch his video you instantly know that he’s got a lot of BBQ knowledge to share. We were fortunate enough to have Jef share with us why he loves smoking meat…

“One of the best things about smoking meat is that it’s more forgiving than straight BBQ. If you heat is too high, the meat just cooks a bit faster, too low and just let it run longer. You don’t have the same risk of quickly charring/burning your meat like when BBQing. Forget your meat on a hot grill for just a few minutes and it can get burned in a flair up. (Not knocking BBQing, I love that too.)

Also, many smoked meat recipes can be translated to the oven. You don’t get the smoke flavor, but the tenderness of the finished slow cooked item will be there. (For those who don’t own a smoker but want to make something special).”

Check out this how to build your own mini-smoker video¬†tutorial courtesy of Jef…

Grilling Network

Your host Pitmaster Allan Johnson shares his passion for cooking which allows him to spend time with his family and friends while enjoying barbecue. Allan shares some very modern BBQ information in his videos.

You’ll experience this when you watch his How to Season your BBQ Pit video below where in addition to learning how to season your pit, you’ll also learn a LOT about modifications that you can consider when buying your next pit, or add to your current pit…

Smoky Ribs

Your host Smoky Ribs Pitmaster does an awesome job walking you through some great recipes and tutorials in southern barbecue, Gulf Coast seafood, Cajun cuisine, and much more.

Watch Smoky Ribs drop some major BBQ knowledge golden nuggets as he walks you through this candied jalapeno BBQ ribs video tutorial…

White Thunder BBQ

Your host Pitmaster Nate from White Thunder BBQ does a great job compacting loads of¬†content in to his videos. Just watch as he takes you step-by-step through this Texas Brisket recipe tutorial in under 4 minutes while still providing detailed steps and a ton of tips, tricks, and techniques he uses to make some badass barbecue…

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BBQ with Franklin

Your host Pitmaster Aaron Franklin is what we like to call¬†a¬†barbecue scientist. He runs one of the most popular barbecue joints in all of Texas that sports a lengthy line daily that is commonly referred to as the “cult of Franklin”.

Aaron was called the smoker of the best barbecue in the country by Bon Appetit, and more recently won Best Chef: Southwest honors at the 25th annual James Beard Awards 2015 (this is like the culinary-world equivalent of an Oscar) magazine not long ago.

This guy knows his BBQ¬†as you’ll quickly become aware of¬†when you watch this video where he reveals some of his trade secrets to his world-famous brisket…

There you have it barbecue lovers, your top 13 best BBQ YouTube channels for summer 2015.

If you have any special requests that you’d like to see from any of these 13 pitmasters, please feel free to ask¬†in the comments below and we’ll forward the message to them. Also, remember to show these guys some appreciation for the value that they share by sharing¬†this article on Facebook and other social media using the social sharing buttons¬†around this post.

Happy Grillin’ & Smokin’,

~I Love Grilling Meat

Featured photo cred & special thanks to VIP Members Donnie Collins (Pork Butts) and Jeremy Bustos (Ribs & Brisket)

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