This science of great BBQ… a video hosted by Joe Hanson with special guest Pitmaster Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ reveals some incredibly interesting scientific facts behind our favorite way to prepare meat… and any other food 🙂

Pay attention as you watch this video because the science covered here could improve your next cook substantially!

The Science of BBQ Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial Time Stamps

Some interesting points and time-stamps to pay attention to as you watch this video:

  • 0:06 You’ll discover the origination of the word “Barbecue”, *hint* it’s not the U.S.A
  • 0:41 James Beard award winning chef Aaron Franklin shares his definition of the word barbecue, this may surprise you.
  • 1:23 Aaron Franklin’s definition of “good” barbecue
  • 1:58 Discover how heat reacts with these few elements to make your barbecued meat brown and spectacular *hint* it’s NOT caramelization
  • 3:10 *CONTROVERTIAL* Why is making good barbecue like making Jello?
  • 4:15 This simple process of “melting fat” is what makes your meat so delicious
  • 4:40 Does barbecue Pitmaster Aaron Franklin hate ovens? Find out here
  • 5:18 Discover exactly how your choice of wood can make or break your cook
  • 5:35 Joe reveals the science behind the “Smoke Ring” and how to get a great ring
  • 6:45 Aaron Franklin reveals his best advice for making badass BBQ

Hope you enjoyed this sweet little video about the science of BBQ. Leave a comment below letting us know the most mind bending scientific BBQ fact you just learned from watching this video.

Special thanks to Joe Hanson and Aaron Franklin for breaking it down and proving us with this valuable info. Show these gentlemen some appreciation by sharing this article on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites using the buttons below or in the left sidebar.

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