We could debate for days over the art of grilling the perfect steak because everyone has their preferred cut of meat, level of done-ness, type of beef, favorite seasonings, and styles of cooking, etc…

What most of us can probably agree upon is that when prepared to our liking, steak can be one of the most delicious pieces of meat you’ll every lay your taste buds on!

That being said, the art of grilling a perfect steak is subjective however the science behind a great steak remains constant. Below you’ll find an infographic created by outlining the science of a great steak. Read through it to discover the science of how to grill a perfect steak.

Science Behind How To Grill The Perfect Steak

The Science of a Great Steak
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Infographic Notes and questions to ask yourself:

  • The beginnings of steak
    • Wet aging vs dry aging
      • Is longer aging of the steak better or does it make it worse?
      • How enzymes, amino acids, sugar, and water are effected by aging
  • Fat for flavor?
    • Steak is
      • 75%?
      • 20%?
      • 5%?
        • Which of these gives steak the majority of it’s flavor?
  • Fat when heated
    • What types of cuts are most favored?
  • The scientific transformation that takes place when grilling that steak
    • What makes some meat more red than others?
    • Differences in science and temperatures between
      • Rare
      • Medium
      • Well-done

Now that we’ve covered the science behind a great steak, we’d like to know what you prefer for your favorite stead? Cut of meat, meat type, preparation, seasoning, please leave your favorite steak preferences in the comments below.

We hope that this scientific infographic outlining the perfect steak will add to your store-house of knowledge and help you be a better pitmaster.

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Happy Grillin’ & Smokin’,

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