The Pit Barrel Cooker for low and slow cooking is awesome! It’s a versatile, yet powerful tool that every Pitmaster could benefit from having in their grilling and smoking arsenal. If you’ve been considering adding a PBC to yours, watch this video on how to prepare your Pit Barrel Cooker for low and slow cooking. The step-by-step tutorial starts with some basic tips, and see them in practice while cooking a pork butt.

How To Set Up The Pit Barrel Cooker For Low And Slow

Tip #1: Arranging the charcoal

Arrange your fuel in 2 layers in your charcoal basket. In order to fit as much charcoal as possible into the basket, arrange the first layer into neat circles, so the second layer will sit on top. Anyone watching will compliment you on your artistry!

Tip #2: Lighting the fire

Use a charcoal chimney to start 8-10 briquettes. Once they are covered in white ash, place them on top of the unlit charcoal inside the PBC- the lit charcoal will slowly ignite the rest throughout the cook.

Tip #3: Smoke wood

Place a few chunks of smoke wood on top of the charcoal at the start of the cook, as the PBC comes up to temp. Check out our Meat Smoking Mastery guide for wood types and uses.

Tip #4: Temperature Control

Place the grates on the Cooker, and add the meat you are cooking (for this guide: a pork butt). Place the two rebar back in place before closing the lid- this is important, and you’ll even find this tip in the instructions that come with the PBC. Adjust temperature from the bottom damper.

Tip #5: Monitor Core Temperature

Using a thermometer probe (or more), monitor the temperature inside the thickest part(s) of the meat you are cooking. Know what the target internal temp is both for the meat you’re cooking and for the doneness you’re aiming for

Tip #6: Enjoy!

The Pit Barrel Cooker for low and slow cooking is incredibly fun to work with. It can be a great beginner pit for new Pitmasters, but advanced users can master it to cook masterpieces every time. Remember to have fun, whether you’re cooking alongside friends, family or just a cold beer.

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