Is a 3 hour brisket even possible? Here’s how to cook your favorite cut of beef in the blink of an eye, without ever compromising on the taste and texture.

Preparing for the cook

Step up your smoker/BBQ for indirect cooking – this means the cooking area is as far as possible from the heat source. Preheat your cooker to 400ºF. Also ensure your smoke wood is placed under the charcoal.

Season the brisket with sea salt and coarse ground pepper – a good piece of beef needs little more, but add any other spices you want.

Smoking the brisket

Place the brisket on the cooker, and close the lid. Let the brisket cook, keeping it moist by spritzing with a 1:1 water and apple cider vinegar mixture.

Cook until a healthy amount of bark/crust has formed on the exterior. Once the bark has formed, pull the brisket from the hot BBQ and wrap it in tin foil.

Place the foiled brisket back on the BBQ, and insert a meat probe to monitor internal temperature. Lower the cooking temperature to 275ºF.

Finishing off your brisket

Monitor the brisket and pull it off of the barbecue once it reaches the correct ‘doneness’. The ‘doneness’ is determined either by internal temperature (204ºF), or by the probe test, which involves probing the brisket in multiple locations making sure the probe can move in and out with little resistance.

Wrap the brisket in some towels and let it rest before carving into it.


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