Swineapple… this is what happens when you take some pork loin, a pineapple, some bacon, some other ingredients, and a few hours of well spent time on the smoker.

Word on the street is that as of late, this swineapple dish has been one of the most popular items of many back yard barbecues and social gatherings.

You may have heard of it.

You may be wanting to make this yourself at home.

You may have even given it a shot in your own back yard.

If you have experience making a swineapple, then you know it takes a certain degree of skill to get it right and even just to get the bacon crisp. Today I’ll walk you step-by-step through my secret swineapple recipe. Please enjoy.

Smoked Swineapple

Best wishes in making this dish for you next back yard bbq and family get together because more than likely your people will love it. Please feel free to share this mouth-watering dish with your friends on Facebook, Pinterest, and else where you think people would enjoy this porky pineapple treat.

If you have any swineapple modifications or tips to add to this, please share your input to the comments below.

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