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Stuffed smoked pork roast: it’s one of those dishes you make to impress your friends, and end up impressing even yourself with how good it tastes! In this guide we will try two different ways of stuffing the pork roast, which should be enough to get you started and motivate you to get creative on your smoker.

What you will need:


Stuffed Smoked Pork Roast Recipe

The first thing you want to do is spread the sirloin so you can wrap it up later. To do this, start cutting the meat at about half an inch from the cutting board. Cut parallel to the cutting board. When you are about half an inch away from cutting all the way through, stop and open up the meat. One side of what you have now should be thicker than the other. Slice that part in half in the same manner, beginning from the end of your previous cut. You should now be able to spread the sirloin like a paper folded in three.

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You can now start stuffing the sirloin. As mentioned above we are doing two versions for this guide: Italian pizza and Apple/Brie.

  • Italian Pizza stuffed pork roast Put down a little layer of Italian seasoning on the meat. Add some Marinara sauce and spread it thin (you do not need to add too much). Place the pepperoni slices on top, and finish with a nice layer of mozzarella cheese.
  • Apple and Brie stuffed pork roast Apply a layer of Salty and Smoky seasoning. Cut the apple into thin slices to keep them flexible while rolling. Remove the harder top and bottom layers of the brie cheese, slice it up and spread it on top of the apples.

Roll the meat up and secure it with 5-6 pieces of butchers twine. You can more of the seasoning you used in each roll on the outside.

Get your smoker up to temperature at 250F. Smoke for about 3 hours, until internal temp reaches 165 F.

Pull the smoked pork roast off the smoker. Slice it up and serve- just make sure your guests have a way to remove the butchers twine, so have a pair of scissors handy.

If you try cooking this or create your own variation, let us know in the comments below or send a picture to be featured on our Facebook page!



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Tools that may come in handy:

Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

Wireless Remote Digital BBQ Meat Thermometer