Suckling Pig Smoked On Ole Hickory Smoker

The smoked suckling pig is a BBQ delicacy that every Pit Master has to try their hand at at least once. Pay attention to this tutorial and learn how to make the most out of this amazing cook.

Pre-cook preparations

If your pigs do not come pre-trimmed and cleaned, you’ll have to do that yourself. Of course you can ask your meat provider to do this for you. In any case, you want the pig cut open from the neck all the way down to the groin. Remove any organs and silverskin from behind the ribs.

Flavoring the Hogs

To add flavor to your suckling pig, first apply a layer of dry BBQ seasoning to the inside of the pig. Use anything you like – you can even layer a couple of different rubs for a killer combo.

After taking care of the cavity, we can move on to the meat: here’s how to inject the pork. There are many ways you can go with this, whether it is ready bought pork injections, or home-made marinades. Hit the loins, hams, and shoulders with the injection, using a meat injector.

Fire up the Smoker!

Light up the pit – making sure there’s enough room for the pig! Let the temperature stabilize in the 225-250ºF range.

Dry off the skin using a clean towel, and wrap the ears and nose with some aluminum foil. Arrange the pig with the legs are pointed forward, the back is straight, and the sides are tucked.

The Cook

Place the pig on the pit, and close the lid. Let the piglet cook until the skin is firm, about 2 hours 30 minutes. At this point, use cooking spray to prevent it from darkening too much. Reapply the cooking spray a couple more times throughout the cook.

Monitor internal temperature with a meat probe in the thickest part of the shoulder. The target is 190-195ºF.

The pig should be ready in about 7 hours. When done, transfer to a large enough sheet, pan or cutting board and rest for 30 minutes.

To serve, make an incision down the length of the back bone, turn and continue down at the shoulder and ham just through the skin. This allows the skin to peel completely off on the side exposing all the juicy goodness beneath. Garnish with anything you like (make it look fancy!)


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