Most people think salmon is very had to smoke, it’s actually not. Just follow this smoked steelhead salmon recipe and find out for yourself how simple and delicious this cook can be…

You will need

  • Salmon fillet (skin on)
  • 1 gallon cold water
  • 1 Cup Kosher salt
  • ¾ Cup packed Brown sugar
  • A little something to add flavor (used here: orange juice)

Smoked Steelhead Salmon

This recipe can be broken down into 3 basic parts: Brining the salmon, allowing it to rest, and finally smoking the fish.

For the first part, simply mix the brine ingredients (cold water, salt, sugar, optional extra flavor), place the salmon in a food container and pour in the liquid until you have covered the fillet. Allow the salmon to brine in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

Next, drain the liquid and give the salmon a cold rinse. Lay down a large piece of parchment paper and place the fillet on the paper. Using a pair of scissors, trim the paper around the salmon until you only have a ¾ inch “edge” around the fish. Place the parchment paper and salmon back in the fridge for another 2 hours. The goal is for the fish to become a bit tacky (it should be kind of sticky to the touch). At around the 1:30 hour mark you can start firing up your grill.

Finally, onto smoking the salmon fillet!

Since fish cooks at a much lower temperature than red meats or chicken, you will need to run your smoker at 150°F-160°F. Smoking should take around 2-3 hours. Target internal temperature is 145°F.

The finished product should peel easily off the skin, thus making it very easy to serve over rice and/or alongside veggies.


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