Although it’s not as popular in the US, lamb is one of the most popular grilled meats. For this lamb shank recipe we’re going to be smoking low and slow, since lamb shank is usually a tough cut. Ready? Let’s go!


Smoked Lamb Shank Recipe

There’s some preparation that’s necessary for cooking lamb shanks. First of all, you’ll notice the skin-like membrane around the muscle. Remove that using a sharp knife and/or kitchen scissors. Wherever possible leave the fat in tact, because fat is flavor!

Next rub some olive oil into the meat, and coat with your rub of choice. Make sure to get the rub into all the slits and gaps between muscles.

Time to move on to the smoker! As mentioned, lamb needs to be cooked at a very low temperature over a long time. You will be smoking at 220-230°F. If your smoker has a “cold spot”, place the meat there, and definitely use a water pan to regulate the temperature.

Pull the meat off the smoker when it reaches 165°F (or even a bit higher if you can reach it).



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lamb shank recipe

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lamb shank recipe

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lamb shank recipe