When we say that this honey glazed chicken recipe is easy, we truly mean it. When we say it’s delicious, you bet we are serious about that too.

You will need

  • Whole chicken
  • Your favorite BBQ rub
  • Honey

Smoked Honey Glazed Chicken Recipe

Prepare the chicken by cleaning and spatchcocking it (click here if you don’t know how).

Season the bird with your favorite BBQ rub. Smoke at 275°F for 2 hours.

After that time has passed, glaze with honey. To make life easier, pour some honey on the chicken first, and let it liquefy from the heat for a few seconds before spreading it with a brush.

Smoke for about 30 more minutes, or until internal temperature inside the breast hits 165°F.

Pull the bird from your smoker, and let it rest for 10 minutes before serving.



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