Smoked Ham on the Weber Kettle

Holiday season is here, and this Smoked Ham on the Weber Kettle is exactly how you need to celebrate! Fire up the pit, gather round, and enjoy this delicious meal!

Smoked Ham on the Weber Kettle

Trim/Clean Your Ham

The first thing you want to do is cleaning up your ham. This means removing any loose flaps of skin and meat that might be hanging off. Most hams are in great shape already when you get them from the store, but if not, take a minute to do this.

Score Your Ham

Next up, scoring the ham. There are a few different schools on how to do this properly. The two most well-known patterns are the diamond pattern (carving one row of parallel lines, then one rotated by 45-90 degrees to create diamonds), and the spiral groove (one long groove, going around the ham in a spiral). The grooves should be about 1/4 inch deep.

Season Your Ham

When you’ve cleaned and carved the ham, it’s time to season. Use your favorite pork or ham rub, or make your own spice blend. If you do the latter, start with the sweeter flavors, then moving on to salty & spicy.

Smoke Your Ham

Time to bust out the smoker! Have the pit preheated to 300ºF. Place the ham on your cooker and smoke until internal temperature reaches 155ºF. During this time, every 20 minutes take some BBQ sauce or glaze and drizzle it over the ham.

When internal temperature hits 155ºF, wrap the ham in foil and let carryover temperature work on the meat for another 20 minutes.


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Smoked Ham on the Weber
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