This smoked chicken lollipop recipe makes for a refreshing change from normal chicken legs and give really a nice presentation.  These have a clean bone for a handle, they look great, and the way the meat is brought together makes a mighty pleasing bite as well. Check out this video tutorial below.

Smoked Chicken Lollipop Recipe

Smoked Chicken Lollipop Recipe Ingredients:

Transforming Chicken Drumsticks in to Lollipops

Prepping your chicken drumsticks is the most time consuming and labor intensive part of this cook. First, you’re going to want to take a knife and cut clear around the bottom third of the drumstick. Cut through the skin and tendons straight down to the bone.

Next, using a rag to help you grip, work the spare meat at the end of the bone over the knuckle and off. Discard it and that leaves you with clean bone for a chicken lollipop handle.

Use a rag to get a good grip. Next, work the thigh meat down towards the other end of the chicken leg.  There is a secondary bone so be careful not to cut the side of your hand. Be sure the rag protects your hand from the sharp end of that thin bone.

Use your fingers to dig in around that secondary bone. Waggle it until it becomes loose so you can remove and discard it. Using scissors, you can then remove the ends of the tendons which are inedible and can mess with the presentation.

Seasoning Your Chicken Lollipops

In this video Malcom uses his Killer Hogs all purpose rub and barbecue rub. You can use it or whatever rub you prefer.

Protip: for competition and a perfect presentation home, use a piece of tinfoil and cover up the bare bone before smoking. This keeps the bone nice and clean, rather than charcoaled and dark from smoking.

Next, get yourself a foil pan and melt about 1 stick of butter in there before adding your lollipops. You don’t want your butter to be covering your chicken lollipops. You do want a nice layer of butter in your pan to provide additional flavor and moisture.

Smoking Your Lollipops

Get grill up to about 300F. As your smoker is coming up to temperature, be sure to melt your butter in your pan. Once your cooker is hot, butter is melted, and lollipops are prepared, then smoke them for about 2 hours. The internal temperature should be at least 165F.

Be sure to use a high quality and reliable smoking thermometer to properly manage your heat because without one you’ll more than likely overcook or undercook your meat. This one tool is the difference between winning cooks and ruined cooks.

Final Presentation

At that point it’s good to take them off the smoker and move them to a chicken rack inside a separate foil pan. If you don’t have a chicken rack you can just use a new foil pan, but it’s best if you can use anything that’ll keep your lollipops off the flat surface of the pan.

Next, remove the tinfoil from your lollipop bones and glaze by dunking them in the warmed barbecue sauce. Dip the bones too so they get the same nice glazed appearance. Finally, as your lollipops are resting on your chicken rack, set them back in the smoker for about 20-30 minutes to let them set.

After the glaze has set, pull them off the smoker, let them rest for a few minutes, and enjoy!

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