Smoked brisket: To wrap or not to wrap, that is the question. Whether it is foil, butcher paper or simply a naked brisket, the debate has been going on forever.

In the following video, “Level 7 brisket Captain” Aaron Franklin and playwright/BBQ pitmaster John Markus are comparing the results of all three methods, hopefully helping you decide which one you prefer.

Smoked Brisket: To Wrap Or Not To Wrap?

Video recap:

The first brisket that the two Pitmasters tried was the foil wrapped one. It had good moisture and the fat had rendered well inside the brisket. It was soft, and had a nice beefy taste to it.

Then they moved onto the butcher paper-wrapped brisket. Again, great moisture and fat render, and the meat felt a little firmer to the bite. The flavor was also stronger than the foil wrapped brisket.

Finally, the unwrapped smoked brisket. The big difference was the crunchiness of the bark, which felt “like a party treat”. The smokiness in the flavor felt more like a central Texas-style brisket. The taste leaned more towards “smoky” than “beefy”.

The conclusion was this: take your time to figure out how you like it better, changing one variable at a time.

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