This has to be the easiest smoked Boston pork butt recipe out there, and the results are beyond spectacular! Juicy meat that comes right off the bone, perfect for any pulled pork dish…

Smoked Boston Pork Butt Recipe

This recipe uses the Pit Barrel Cooker- a great BBQ pit for new and experienced Pitmasters alike. If you do not own a PBC, you can still follow the recipe and get some tips, or head over to our online store and get your very own!

As with any recipe, begin by preparing the meat. For this cook we’re slathering yellow mustard on the butt to help the dry rub stick. Having done that, apply your all-purpose rub. Be generous with the rub- you want it to form a nice coat on the entire surface of the pork butt.

Get 2 stainless steel Pit Barrel Cooker hooks. One of them will go under the bone, and one under the top muscle on the other side. This way the pork butt can hang fat side down on the rebar.

Go ahead and light up your PBC while the butt comes up to room temperature. When it’s ready, hang the butt from the rebar. Remember, even if you only use one of the rebars, you should place both of them on the PBC to ensure the ventilation works as intended by its creators.

Once the butt is smoking, sit back and relax. Around the 3 hour mark, check the internal temperature. Once it hits 163-165°F, pull it off the pit. Foil the pork butt, place the rack on the PBC (remember, place the rebar on there as well), and smoke for about another hour.

When internal temperature reaches 200°F, move it to an empty cooler and let it rest for another 2 hours. This allows it to cook just with carryover temperature, and you will end up with extremely tender meat.

Unwrap the pork butt, remove the bone, and pull it. Then move on to making some delicious pulled pork sandwiches!


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