Smoked Boston Butt on the Mini WSM

Here’s the best way to cook a Boston butt for pulled pork quickly and easily on one of our favorite mini-smokers. Owning a mini or a portable smoker is great because they’ll fit virtually anywhere no matter how small your house is, and take it with you wherever you go. Check it out…

Smoked Boston Butt For Pulled Pork on the Mini WSM

Whether you’re going camping, tailgating, or just own a mini smoker for the ease of use and storage, this is a very fun cook that yields amazing results every time.

First thing you’ll want to do is prep the Boston butt. Trim off any excess fat and flaps of meat that are going to burn while cooking. Then give it a light coating of olive oil, and apply your favorite BBQ rub.

Next up, prepping your mini smoker. Removing the “barrel” exposes the coal chamber. Fill this up to about 3/4 of its capacity with charcoal or briquettes, and add a few chunks of smoke wood (like apple wood). Using a charcoal chimney, start a few handfuls of fuel and pour them on the center of the smoker’s charcoal basket. The fire will spread to the unlit charcoal over the cook, thus burning longer.

Reassemble the smoker, placing a roasting or fireproof pan with water underneath the grates for added moisture. Let the smoker get up to and stabilize in the 225-275ºF range, before placing the Boston butt over the heat (fat cap up).

Close the lid, sit back, and crack open your favorite beer! The only thing you need to keep an eye on is the temperature inside your smoker. You might need to add some extra fuel at some point- if you do, move the old charcoal around a bit to allow the ashes to drop below.

The butt is done when core temperature hits 195ºF. Let it rest for about 1 hour before pulling it.


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