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A funny and surprisingly flavorful twist to what you might be used to, this smoked boob chicken recipe combines amazing citrus flavors that taste so well on poultry, with something visually interesting for your guests to marvel at. Do this cook at your next backyard barbecue and you will certainly be the talk of your neighborhood.


  • Whole Young Chicken (brined or not brined)
  • Citrus fruit (lime or lemon)
  • Vegetable oil
  • Poultry rub

Smoked Boob Chicken Recipe

As mentioned before, you can follow this recipe with either a brined or non brined chicken. If you’re looking for a great brine recipe,check out this Simple Brine Recipe For Chicken (or Fish).

Either way, once you make your choice, you can jump right into the fun part: using your fingers or the back of a spoon, work your way underneath the skin near the neck cavity of the bird. Create two pockets that will hold one half of a citrus fruit each. For the best results, use fruit that is as round as possible. Pop off the stem, and cut off the “nipple” on the opposite side if it sticks out too much, since it might puncture the skin. Cut the fruit in half, and insert the halves into the 2 “pockets” you created earlier. Your chicken now has boobs!

Give the bird a good rub with vegetable oil, and season liberally with your favorite chicken rub. This can easily become a beer canned chicken, or a hanging chicken, depending on the rig you’re using.

Time to get your smoker hot! For this recipe, you want to maintain a temperature of 250ºF for 2 to 3 hours. Target internal temperature in the thickest part of the breast will be 165ºF. To check, you will have to go in through the top and insert your thermometer underneath the citrus.

Here’s where the magic happens: the fruit, on top of adding to the presentation, will keep the chickens breasts juicy and add a ton of flavor to the meat! Once the bird is cooked, this is the cut you’ll want to try first.


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