Smoked Beef Tenderloin on Gateway Drum

When it comes to beef, it’s pretty hard to beat a smoked beef tenderloin! Wrap it in bacon, and you’ve got yourself a meal that’s in a league of its own! Here’s how to do it right and doing it on a Gateway drum smoker!

Smoked Beef Tenderloin on Gateway Drum Recipe

Trimming a tenderloin is a really easy and straightforward process. After removing any packaging, separate the chain meat on the side, and cut it off. Also cut off the “tail” end to crate an even sized roast (a.k.a. a Center Cut beef tenderloin). Lastly, remove the silverskin and any excess fat, by trimming small pieces off with cuts along the length of the tenderloin. Voila!

Let’s season this bad boy! Use your favorite all purpose (AP) or beef seasoning, then add a layer of Steak rub. Feel free to experiment with different combinations!

Next up, wrap the outside with slices of thin cut bacon. This will substitute for the lack of fat in the tenderloin, which is a very lean cut of beef, and also keep it juicy. After all, bacon makes everything better!

Lastly, season the outside of the bacon with your favorite hot or spicy rub.

Time to get cookin’! Set up your Gateway drum for indirect cooking in the 275ºF range, with a chunk of Pecan wood on the coals for smoke. Place the tenderloin on the grates and insert a thermometer to monitor core temperature.

Smoked beef tenderloin is best served rare-medium rare, so your target core temp should be right around 125ºF. If you want yours above medium rare, adjust your target accordingly.

Once the beef has reached its desired doneness, get it off the heat and let it rest for ~15 minutes.

Slice up and serve!

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