Smoked BBQ Bologna (Best Bolo Sandwich Ever)_FB

A simple way to make smoked BBQ bologna that’ll double the value of this piece of meat while at the same time tripling the mouthwatering flavor you get from it!

Smoked BBQ Bologna Ingredients:

  • 5 lb bologna pack
  • Yellow mustard
  • Black pepper

Preparing Your Bologna

A great opportunity to try this smoked bbq bologna recipe is to cook it alongside any other low and slow meat.

The first thing you’ll want to do after taking the bologna out of the package, is to score it. Take a large sharp knife and carve a checkered pattern into the roll, about 1/2″ deep and with a 2″ space between the lines.

Seasoning Your Bologna

Give the bologna a nice, even (but not too thick!) coat of yellow mustard, then season with just ground pepper. You can use either coarse ground pepper or fine pepper. Salt is not needed, since there is already plenty of sodium in the bologna.

Smoking Your Bologna

Get your pit up and running at a cooking temp of around 225ºF. Wood can be any wood of your choice for smoke. You’ll be cooking your bologna over indirect heat.

Use a high quality and reliable smoking thermometer to properly gauge the doneness of your meat.

A good indicator of when the meat is ready is that the cuts made earlier will widen and the external color of the bologna will change to a rich, deep red color.

When the smoked bbq bologna is ready, you can slice it. Use a meat slicer if you have one, if not then a sharp knife will do well.

When you’re ready go ahead and enjoy the best bologna sandwich you’ve ever had for lunch!


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