This is a super easy recipe for smoked bacon wrapped hot dog bites…

An excellent appetizer, great for game day, or as a side project while you’re waiting for that whole chicken to come off the smoker!


  • Hot Dogs
  • bacon
  • dark brown sugar
  • BBQ Sauce

Smoked Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Bites Appetizers


For this recipe you will be smoking in the 300°F range. If you’re going to cook other things simultaneously, it might be a good idea to do it while smoking chicken or other fast cooking meat.

Prepare your ingredients by cutting the hot dogs into quarters and bacon strips into thirds. Wrap a piece of bacon around each piece of hot dog. Everything should stay in place- if necessary, secure the bacon with tooth picks.

Place the wrapped dogs on a smoker preheated to 300°F. If your grates are too wide apart, you might want to use a grilling mat or Bradley rack.

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When they are on the pit, sprinkle the wrapped hot dogs with dark brown sugar. Put on enough for a delicious caramelized crust, but don’t overdo it.

When the dogs are almost ready, dip them in your favorite BBQ sauce and place back on smoker for a few more minutes (until sauce sets).

When ready, remember to try one first before serving to others because these tasty little morsels will be gone before you know it!

Please enjoy meat responsibly!

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