These bacon wrapped chicken breasts are really easy to prepare. But don’t be fooled: they are delicious. This recipe will teach you the basics of stuffing chicken breast, with three different examples to get you started.

Basic supplies needed

  • Trimmed chicken breasts
  • Lots and lots of toothpicks
  • Bacon
  • See a little later for different stuffings

Smoked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts

Start by trimming the chicken breasts. Most chicken breasts will be too thick to wrap, so you will have to slice them in two, cutting parallel to the cutting board. Make sure to keep food safety in mind while handling the raw chicken.

As mentioned before, for this guide we are trying three different stuffings: Pesto with sun dried tomato and cheese, spices and asparagus, and pizza style. Feel free to get creative with what you use in the stuffing, and use any ingredients you have readily available.

For the Pesto stuffed breast, spread some pesto, followed by sun dried tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese.

For the spice & asparagus stuffed breast, liberally apply a spicy seasoning on the chicken, followed by Pepperjack cheese and 2-3 sticks of asparagus.

For the Pizza Style stuffed breast, spread some marinara sauce on the chicken. Put some pepperoni slices on and top up with Mozzarella cheese.

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Roll the chicken up, and wrap in bacon. Use toothpicks to secure everything in place, but make sure to leave enough toothpick sticking out so you can pull them out later.

Move them over to a smoker that is running at 250℉. Smoke for about 2 hours, until internal temperature reaches 165℉.

Slice and serve hot.


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