Reverse Seared Smoked Chicken Legs

If you’re doing smoked chicken legs for your upcoming barbecue, then you have to give this recipe a shot. Crispy skin and juicy meat, this is all you want from a chicken leg and then some more.

Reverse Seared Smoked Chicken Legs

First, an important detail, get chicken legs with the skin on. This is important because when it comes to the reverse sear, you will need the skin to help provide some added fat to increase the flare up as it sears.

Onto the actual cooking! Apply some cooking oil to the raw chicken legs. Then dust generously with your favorite chicken BBQ rub. Place them in a ziploc bag and seal. Then place in the fridge for at least 3 hours to marinate.

Once that’s done, fire up the grill. Set it up for 2-zone cooking. This means one side is directly over the heat source, while the other takes advantage of radiant heat. Place the chicken on the indirect side.

Add a chunk of any hardwood you like to the coals for smoke, and cook for 30 minutes at 275ºF.

At the 30 minute mark, glaze with BBQ sauce. Repeat after 20 more minutes.

After 50 minutes total, the chicken should be done. What’s left is searing the chicken on the side directly above the heat source. Place it skin-side down, and sear for a couple minutes. Repeat for each leg. Your smoked chicken legs are ready!


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