Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe (Start to Finish) FB

Whether you want to take it with you on a day trip, pack it for lunch at work, or just enjoy it in the comfort of your home, a pulled pork sandwich is always delicious! This pulled pork sandwich recipe will walk you through the process from start to finish.

What you will need:


Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe (Start to Finish)

Begin by trimming down the pork shoulder. Trim any unwanted fat (there will probably be a lot of it).

Apply the rub liberally on all sides. Wrap it and leave it in the fridge overnight.

Get your smoker up to temp at 225-275ºF. Add a couple of wood chunks as well.

Before putting the shoulder on the pit, add some more dry rub.

During smoking, spritz with a 50/50 Cider Vinegar / Apple Juice Mix.

Cook for about 1.5 to 2 hours for each lb of meat, or until the internal temperature of the pork shoulder reaches 195-203ºF. At that point remove the pork from the smoker, wrap it in foil and let it rest for 1-2 hours at room temperature.

The pork is now ready to be pulled!

Get the buns ready. Top with some pickles, then add some pulled pork. Now just add your favorite BBQ sauce, and enjoy!


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Tools that you might need:

Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

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I Have Enough Meat For Everyone T-Shirt