Texas Style BBQ means simple rub, low & slow smoke, and of course beef all day. This is an original Texas style BBQ beef ribs recipe from a real Texan pitmaster…

Original Texas Style BBQ Beef Ribs

There are not many things to worry about when preparing your beef ribs. Only trim off fat in places where it is thicker than ½ inch and won’t render down, since you’ll need for its amazing flavor once it melts into the meat… Yum!

Season both sides of the rib rack with Kosher salt and coarse ground black pepper. Be liberal when applying these, but make sure you don’t overdo it with the salt, and that you use pepper according to your taste.

The beefs are ready to smoke! Place them on your smoker which you have preheated to 250°F and let the magic happen.

You’ll know the ribs are ready when a fork or meat probe goes in and out of the meat without any resistance.


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