Original Texas Smoked Beef Ribs

If you’ve never done Texas smoked beef ribs you’re missing out, period. When it comes to BBQ, those Texans sure do know what they’re doing, and their beef ribs are no exception.

Texas Smoked Beef Ribs Recipe Video Tutorial

Smoked Beef Ribs Ingredients

  • Beef Back Ribs
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Binder (olive oil or Worcestershire sauce)
  • Unsalted beef broth

Preparing Your Rack of Ribs

As always, the first thing you want to do is clean up the rack of ribs. Sometimes your meat provider might have done this in advance. If not, make sure to remove the membrane from the bones, and remove any shattered bones and chunky hard fat.

Seasoning Your Ribs

Next up, seasoning! First, apply a binder that the spices can adhere to. Some options include Worcestershire sauce, olive oil, and mustard (rarely used on beef).

Now season the ribs on both sides the way they do it in Texas: straight salt and pepper (1:1 ratio). Use coarsely ground black pepper and sea salt. If you wanna stray from the norm, add 1 Tbsp of Adobo seasoning to 1 cup of salt and pepper.

Smoking Your Ribs

Time to get cooking! Have your smoker (or grill, setup for indirect cooking) up to temp in the 250ºF range. The whole process will take approximately 4 hours.

After 1 hour of cooking, check on your beef ribs. If you notice they are drying out, mist with some unsalted beef broth to keep them moist. Mist every 45 minutes after that.

One thing you’ll want to look out for is whether the rack is cooking evenly. If you notice that the meat pulls back from the bones much more on one side, you might want to rotate the rack 180º.

The Texas smoked beef ribs are done when a thermometer or toothpick can come out of the meat with no resistance. Use a high quality and reliable smoking thermometer to correctly measure the internal temperature of your meat and your smoker.

Let the rack rest for a bit, before slicing and serving.


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