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The Minion method seems simple but at the same time may or may not work well with your specific smoker, so be sure to pay attention to this video tutorial to find out how to make it work for you…

The Minion Method: How To Manage Heat In Your Smoker Video Tutorial

Lately the Minion Method of lighting charcoal has become quite popular – and for good reason! Developed by Jim Minion, it is designed to make the charcoal in your smoker burn over longer periods of time up to 18 hours, depending on weather conditions.

Minion Method Execution

Load your charcoal basket with unlit, un-fueled (no lighter fuel allowed!) briquettes. Place a handful of fully lit briquettes on the very top, and let them slowly burn. The fire will slowly progress, lighting the unlit charcoal and burn through them. Open up the dampers and chimney all the way Depending on what the weather is like and how much charcoal your smoker can hold, it might take up to 16-18 hours before you need to refuel!

Again, just to re-emphasize those simple steps…

Place a small amount of lit coals on top of unlit briquettes. Adjust vents to control air flow. Sit back, and enjoy a low and steady fire that will take your cooks to a whole other level.

Now that you know how the Minion Method works, it’s time to go grab some ribs or a brisket, light up your smoker and enjoy cooking!

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