Get ready to cook BBQ pork steaks that are out of this world! Using the famous Rendezvous BBQ sauce and seasoning makes for a unique experience that you probably haven’t tasted before.

Memphis Style BBQ Pork Steaks Video Tutorial

Ingredients For BBQ Pork Steaks

  • Pork steaks
  • Rub of Your Choice or Rendezvous Seasoning
  • Sauce of your Choice or Rendezvous BBQ Sauce
  • Flat top grill and grate setup

Browning Your Pork Steaks

Set up a flat-top grill, heat it up, and rub in some vegetable oil. Sear the pork steaks until they are brown on each side. Flip back and forth between the sides to build up a tasty crust.

Pull the steaks off the heat and foil them. In the meantime, reconfigure your grill to use a grate setup. Arrange the charcoal in two piles on the sides of the grill, with a gap running between them. Place the steaks in a row over the empty space for indirect cooking.

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Smoking Your Pork Steaks

Apply your rub liberally on both sides of the meat. Close the lid and adjust the vents for a temperature of 240-250°F.

After about 45 minutes of cooking, stack the steaks on top of each other and place a water pan at the bottom of the grill. Continue cooking until they reach an internal temperature of 190-195°F. Be sure to use a high quality reliable meat thermometer to correctly measure internal temp of your chops because without one, you’ll likely be serving a substandard pork chop.

When you reach that mark, spread some BBQ Sauce over the steaks. Cook for another 10 minutes, flip and sauce the other side as well. Cook for 15 final minutes, and serve to your family or guests.


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