Very few cooks can rival a juicy smoked prime rib simply because this beef cut is a mouthwatering jewel of outdoor cooking. Here’s how a barbecue world champion does it…

To get this party started, let’s do some trimming on the prime rib. Keep an eye out for silverskin and hard fat, both of which are barriers between the smoke and the meat. Always be careful not to waste any good meat or fat while trimming.

Beef, and especially prime rib, already has a lot of great flavor. Therefore you don’t need a lot of seasoning to go with it – a simple salt, pepper and garlic rub will do.

Get your pit running in the 250ºF range. Place the prime rib on there and crack open a cold one while the smoke works its magic. Check back every 45 minutes to make any adjustments needed to the pit.

Cook the prime rib for about 1-2 hours, then start monitoring internal temperature. 

Once core temp hits ~95ºF, flip the meat over to allow for more even cooking.

Target internal temp is 120ºF. Once you get there, pull the meat off the pit, foil it and then wrap it in a  couple of kitchen towels and let it rest for 45 minutes at room temperature.

The end result will be a prime rib roast with a beautiful crust, tender like jello, and as juicy as they get… Truly, a work of BBQ art!

Slice your juicy smoked prime rib and enjoy!

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