JUICY Smoked Hot and Fast Beef Brisket

Although cooking hot and fast beef brisket might not be the traditional way to go, some pitmasters might even call it blasphemy, we strongly urge you to pay close attention and watch this tutorial because it might just open you up to some new ideas and maybe even a more efficient method of smoking that mouthwatering brisket we all love.

Juicy Smoked Hot and Fast Beef Brisket

First up, let’s prepare the brisket! Trim off any hard fat that won’t render down during cooking – especially so because we’re cooking faster at higher temperatures. Also remove excess fat, loose flaps of skin that are going to burn, and silverskin from the brisket.

(You can ask your local meat provider to clean the brisket up for you. Otherwise, if unsure of how to go about it, check out this brisket prep guide.

Next, go ahead and inject, season, or sauce up your brisket any way you would normally. Go Texas style with straight salt & pepper, or go crazy and add more complexity with a variety of spices. It is suggested that you inject the brisket, since it will add moisture and make the meat more tender.

Set your smoker up for cooking in the 350ºF range. Place the brisket in a disposable roasting pan, and it’s time to start cooking!

Spritz the brisket every 1 hour to 90 minutes. Once the color looks right, pull off the heat, wrap with some BBQ sauce or anything else you want, and throw it back on.

Cook to an internal temperature of 200ºF. Let it rest, then slice up and enjoy!

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