Juicy Lucy burger recipe

Grab yourself a knife and fork (or just a lot of napkins), because this Juicy Lucy burger recipe is huge. It hits all the right spots, and if you’ve never been to Minnesota you know exactly why.

Juicy Lucy Burger Recipe – My Way!

The basic idea is simple: two regular patties, with cheese in between. When grilled, the two will fuse. And when you bite into it, that molten, gooey, cheesy goodness comes oozing out… Incredible.

So, down to business. Get a couple of patties, good ol’ 80/20 beef. Place a slice of Colby Jack (or other american cheese) in smaller pieces in the middle of one patty, and place the other one on top. Make sure the cheese is in the middle of the patty so it doesn’t leak while grilling. Form the two patties together around the edges.

For the seasoning, just hit these juicy babes with some fresh ground pepper and sea or Kosher salt.

Ready to grill! Throw the burger on the pit and let it cook. Before you flip the patty, spread some yellow mustard on the side that’s going to face the heat. This is a trick borrowed from In’n’Out burgers, where they grill the mustard on the burger.

Give the buns a quick toast while the patty is finishing up. This way you can start assembling as you move the patty and buns off the heat!

Top the patty with 1 tsp Thousand Island sauce, some avocado slices, one or two large tomato slices, grilled onions, bacon, pickles, or anything else you love to taste on a burger!

Grab yourself a knife and fork (or just a lot of napkins), because this is is HUGE – and you’re going to enjoy every ounce of it.

Have fun!

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Juicy Lucy burger recipe
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Juicy Lucy burger recipe
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