Irish People Try American BBQ For The First Time

When someone asks which country you think is the most different from the US as far as food goes, Ireland would probably not be on the top of your list. Even so, the folks at Facts let some Irish people try American BBQ for the first time, and see how they reacted and what happened next might surprise you…

Irish People Try American BBQ For The First Time!

The interesting thing is that Irish people are not totally unfamiliar with eating BBQ, although it’s definitely not as popular there, so the concept was not new to them.

First, of course, came the flagship of American BBQ, Ribs. Saying that our Irish friends “liked” them would be an understatement – all of them were won over immediately (some just by the smell). As one of the girls put it, “I don’t even like ribs, but they are delicious”! When they were told that the meat had to be cooked for 14 hours it came as a surprise, but they agreed that the result was worth it.

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Next, Brisket with mustard BBQ sauce. The reception was equally positive, and some of our Irish friends even liked the brisket more than the ribs. The way the meat just fell apart as soon as it touched their mouths was very pleasant and won many points. Some of them did admit that Irish beef is very similar though.

Time for Burnt End Beans. Although the way the dish looked did not excite anyone in particular, it ended up getting a mixed reception. Some of them did not have such a high tolerance for spicy food, but others still found it quite tasty.

Then came the Pulled Pork and Slaw with Chipotle sauce. While they could recognized the dish when they saw it, they were unprepared for how good it tasted: the pork’s softness, amazing smell and taste won over the hearts and taste buds of everyone.

Finally, as a bonus dish, our Irish friends tried biscuits and gravy. This was completely new to them, and even though they were curious, their baffled reactions are just too funny to describe, so we will let you watch that part yourself!


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