How To Trim and Inject A Brisket Like A Pro_FB

Discover how to trim and inject a brisket like you see the professionals do in high level barbecue competition. Watch closely as our friend and expert Pitmaster Kosmo shows you exactly how to bring your brisket game to the next level.

How To Trim And Inject A Brisket

Trimming A Brisket

Trimming a beef brisket is both an art and a science, something you will get better at it with time and practice. This tutorial is intended to give you a short cut to improving your trimming and injecting skills on this fine piece of beef.

First up, trimming. In this process you want to remove hard fat that doesn’t render down properly, loose meat that will burn during cooking, silver-skin, and possibly shape the brisket a little.

Other than that, you don’t want to remove too much fat. Fat = flavor, and you want your brisket to pack as much flavor as possible!

Inject A Brisket

Next up, injecting your brisket. Cooking such a large cut of beef low and slow, there’s a high probability that it’s gonna dry up.

Injecting will keep the meat moist from the inside. Additionally, you can add spice to flavor up your brisket from the inside.

Use your favorite injection blend. There are many theories on the proper way to inject such as; against the grain, with the grain, or both- but pitmaster Kosmo suggests all ways have their pros and cons.

Inject every 1 inch, releasing the liquid while pulling the needle out.

After you inject a brisket, pat the outside dry with a towel, then season on all sides.

And that’s it, the brisket is ready to cook!

Be sure to use a high quality and reliable smoking thermometer on your cooks to make sure you don’t over cook or undercook your beef brisket.


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