This simple guide will teach you how to smoke turkey legs. Maybe you’ve seen them at the fair, or maybe you just want to smoke something easy and fast for dinner. Either way, this recipe is for you.

What you will need

  • Turkey legs
  • Black pepper and salt
  • glaze of your preference
  • Apple juice/cider vinegar

How To Smoke Turkey Legs


Season the turkey legs with black pepper and some kosher salt. This is all you need as far as seasoning goes, and you can move them right onto the smoker.

Smoking the Turkey Legs

Smoke at 275°F. After approximately 45 minutes (there should be some color on them) put the legs in a pan with a chunk of butter and apply your favorite glaze. Put some apple juice or cider vinegar in the pan. Move the pan back onto the smoker. Smoke until the legs are ready.


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