How To Smoke Salmon (Cold Smoked Salmon Recipe) FBCold smoking salmon takes time, experience and the proper equipment. If you are wondering how to smoke salmon at home and already have the time and the equipment, this guide is the perfect place to start gaining experience!

What you will need:

  • 1 Kg Sushi grade salmon
  • 100 grams salt
  • 100 grams sugar
  • Maple syrup

You also need a cold smoke generator or another method of producing cold smoke. We have listed a few alternatives at the end of this “How To” guide.

How To Smoke Salmon (Cold Smoked Salmon Recipe)

So what does “cold smoking” salmon mean? Cold smoking is the process of smoking in which the salmon does not reach a temperature higher than 80F. Therefore your regular grill or smoker are not suitable, as they run too hot.

To get started, the salmon needs to be cured. Mix the salt and sugar in a small bowl, then cover the salmon with the mix. Let it cure in the fridge anywhere from 1½ to 5 hours. When done, rinse the salmon of the cure and dry it up with a towel. Then apply a thin layer of maple syrup to stop the curing process.

In the meantime, set up your preferred method of generating cold smoke. The salmon has to smoke for 24 hours (as mentioned before, it takes a lot of time) and the temperature should never exceed 80F

You now have home made smoked salmon!


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