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Discover the easiest method used by professionals to smoke meat on a charcoal BBQ. You can do this on any charcoal cooker and look forward to creating a long-term manageable heat source that will make your cooks outstanding…

How To Smoke Meat On a Charcoal BBQ (The Snake Method)

Smoking meat is amazing, but not all of us can afford buying an expensive high level smoker. For this reason, this guide will show you a very simple method to expand the capabilities of your grill to smoke meat.

Smoking is essentially the process of cooking the meat with indirect, low heat over a longer period of time than traditional grilling. This ensures a more even cook, and the smoke will enrich the flavor of whatever you’re cooking.

Direct Versus Indirect Heat

To smoke meat on a charcoal BBQ (like an ordinary Weber kettle grill), we’ll have to create two heat zones: one with direct heat, and one with indirect. Arrange two double layered lines of charcoal alongside the edge of the grill, going about one third of the way around. Place 3-4 chunks of smoke wood (if you are using any) spaced evenly along the line of fuel. Finally, light up a handful of coals or briquettes and place them on one end of the charcoal line.

The Snake Method Burn

The fire will slowly spread from the lit charcoal, and travel across the “snake”. The side of the grill right above the fuel will be the direct heat side, while the one facing away from the fuel will be where you can smoke your food.

Regulate the temperature using bottom and top dampers. If more fuel is needed, simply make the snake longer.

Have fun smoking meat!

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