Let’s go over how to smoke garlic at home: Hot or cold smoked, this golden brown miracle will take your marinades, salad dressings and compound butter to a new level…

How to Smoke Garlic at Home

The best way to smoke garlic is, of course, cold smoking it. “But what if I don’t own a cold smoke generator”, you may ask. Fear not: here’s how to do it on 3 popular smoker types.

  • Drum Barrel-type Smokers

If you want to smoke garlic on a Pit Barrel Cooker- style smoker, here’s what you have to do: Place only a few lit coals close to the side on the bottom of the smoker, then place a couple chunks of smoke wood on top. You want just enough heat to keep the wood smoking for a couple of hours. Any fruit wood will do the job- we suggest cherry.

Place the garlic knobs on the side of the rack opposite to the coals, to get as much distance as you can between them and the heat, and close the lid.

  • Weber Kettle-type Smokers

Place some hot coals on one side of the kettle with a couple chunks of your smoke wood. Place the garlic on the other end of the kettle, again with as much distance as you can from the heat source.

Close the lid, but with the top damper right over where the garlic is. Open it about 1/3 of the way, to allow it to drag some smoke.

  • Horizontal Drum/Offset Smoker

This is probably the easiest smoker type for this job, since you can put a lot of distance between the garlic and heat source. Place only a few hot coals plus smoke wood in the offset compartment. Then place the garlic bulbs on the far end of the smoker, under the smokestack.

Smoke the garlic knobs for as long as you want. The longer you smoke ’em, the more intense the smoky flavor becomes (about 2 hours will probably do the trick).

A good way to monitor your progress is by how the garlic changes color: the darker it becomes, the more intense the flavor will be.

And that’s how to smoke garlic! Do not worry if your smoke ends up being too hot on your first try- as long as you don’t burn the garlic, it is not ruined, and can be used in recipes. Just keep in mind that the smoky flavor will probably be very dominant.

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