How To Smoke Brisket (Using a Barrel Smoker) FB
Many people are intimidated by smoking a brisket. In this video you will see how to smoke brisket using a Barrel Smoker, with some excellent tips for new and old pitmasters.


How To Smoke Brisket (Using a Barrel Smoker)

Preparing the meat

Rinse off the brisket, then dry with a towel. Start by removing the excess fat. Any fat that is thicker than ¼ of an inch will probably not render down properly, so trim that down or remove those parts.

Next, take note of the direction the grain runs through the meat. When the meat is cooked it will be hard to see this, so take note of that now so you can properly cut the meat later.

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The rub

Coat the brisket with olive oil and apply your favorite rub liberally. Leave it in the fridge to set for 1-2 hours.

Smoking in the Barrel Smoker

Run the hooks through the point end of the brisket as shown in the video, so you can hang it in the barrel smoker.

Get your smoker started, and hang the brisket in there. For the first part of the smoking process you are looking for an internal temperature of 160F.

When you hit that mark, pull the brisket off the smoker and wrap it in tin foil. This will ensure that the brisket does not dry out, especially if you are smoking a select brisket and not a prime. Position the grate on the smoker, and put the wrapped brisket on there. For this part you are looking for a 200F internal temperature.

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When done, pull the brisket off the smoker. At this point you will probably get different temperature readings at different parts of the brisket. To evenly distribute the heat, let it cook a little just with its internal temperature with the following method: Without removing the tin foil, wrap it in a towel and/or put it in an empty ice chest where it can rest while being insulated. Let it rest for about an hour.

Now you can cut your brisket and serve it in any way you want.

Hopefully you enjoyed this guide on how to smoke brisket. Share it with your friends, and if you decide to smoke your own brisket, let us know how how it went in the comments below!

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