A great tutorial on how to smoke beef ribs on the Weber Smokey Mountain, so if you have one great, follow this how to guide. Also note that all of the tips and strategies used here can be adapted to mostly any smoker out there so pay attention to this tutorial even though you’re not cooking on a WSM…

How To Smoke Beef Ribs On The WSM

Smoking on the WSM is great, but there’s one drawback: You can’t easily access the fire if you need to add more charcoal. That’s why for longer cooks like this one you have to get creative. The method used here is similar to the Minion method. Arrange your charcoal alongside the edge of the fire chamber at the bottom of your smoker. Go all the way around with charcoal (adding chunks of smoke wood as you please). When you’re about to close the circle, leave a gap- the charcoal should now have the shape of a horse shoe.

Light up the charcoal at one end of the “horse shoe” using a blow torch (no lighter fluid!). The fire will gradually spread all the way around like a fuse, thus sustaining heat for a long time without too much maintenance. If you would have closed the charcoal ring, the fire would start to spread both ways, essentially cutting its lifespan in half.

To prepare the ribs, simply remove the membrane off the bones, trim off any excess fat, slather with mustard and season with your favorite beef rub (salt & pepper works great!)

Once the fire is up to 250ºF, place the ribs on your smoker. Depending on how many you’re cooking, you might want to use a rib rack to keep them up straight so they all fit on there at once.

Smoke until the meat starts pulling off the bone. When you see this, foil the ribs with some BBQ sauce and finish them off for about 15-20 minutes on the WSM.


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