This Thanksgiving save the oven for baking cookies and smoke a turkey on the grill! Here’s how to brine, season, and slow smoke a turkey on the grill. Just add your stuffing recipe and enjoy!

How To Smoke A Turkey On The Grill

First off, brining the turkey. You will need a few things: a turkey (obviously), a food-safe container large enough to hold the bird, cold water, and your choice of herbs & spices. You can find ready-made brine mixes at most grocery stores.

Preparing Your Brine

Prepare the brining liquid according to the instructions, using cold water. Place the turkey in the container you chose, and pour the brining liquid on top until the bird is fully submerged.

Place the container in the fridge, or add ice bags (switch them with new ones regularly). Brine overnight, or for at least 12 hours (up to 24).

Post Brine Preparation

Next up, once the brining is done, drain the liquids and pat the bird dry. Then rub some olive oil to act as a binder, and season with your favorite poultry rub on all sides. If you want to stuff the turkey, this is the right time to do it!

Smoking Your Turkey

Time to smoke that bird! If you’re cooking on a smoker, you already know what to do, but how does one smoke on a grill? The key is indirect heat. You want to set up your fuel (charcoal, briquettes, etc.) so the heat comes from one side of the pit, while the other side takes advantage of radiant heat. For this cook, the target cooking temperature is 300ºF.

Cook the turkey to an internal temperature of 165ºF (measured from the thickest part of the breast).

When the turkey hits 165ºF, pull it off the heat and wrap it in two layers of foil. Let it rest for 1-2 hours, to allow carryover temperature to cook it some more.

After the turkey is rested, it’s time to carve into it.


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