How To Smoke a Prime Rib Roast

Here’s how to smoke a prime rib roast and end up with a ridiculous bark that will taste amazing! Buckle up Pit Master because this cook is one for the memory books.

Preparing A Prime Rib Roast

One of the most important steps in cooking a great meal is choosing where to source your meat. Try to source locally, and don’t be afraid to spend a little extra for a higher USDA grade – it’s 100% worth it.

Next up, trimming the prime rib. Remove any loose flaps of meat, hard fat, and shape up the rib roast a little. Don’t go too crazy, and remember you can use the parts you cut off for other, smaller cooks.

Tie the rib roast up tightly, using butchers twine. You want the roast to be as round and even as possible, which will in turn help the meat cook more evenly.

Seasoning The Rib Roast

Before applying the rub, slather the beef with a healthy amount of olive oil. The olive oil will act as a binder between the meat and spices.

Then season with your favorite rub, or layer on multiple different rubs to create a more complex flavor palette. Apply the seasonings liberally, and make sure you cover all sides of the roast.

Smoking A Prime Rib Roast

Fire up your smoker, and adjust it for cooking in the 275ºF range. Add chunks of your favorite smoke wood (used here: hickory), and put the roast over indirect heat.

Cook the prime rib roast to an internal temperature of 124ºF. Then take it off the smoker, and wrap it lightly in foil. Let it rest, wrapped, for 30-45 minutes. This will allow the heat and juices to redistribute inside.

And that’ to smoke a prime rib roast! Try this one out as a holiday cook, or any other time of the year, and be stunned by how good it tastes.


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