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They say a hot and fast brisket is impossible. And while low and slow is still a great way to go, here are a few tips for when you don’t have the time or patience to wait 15 hours for your favorite cut of beef…

How To Smoke a Brisket In 6 Hours – Hot And Fast Brisket

When choosing the brisket you’re going to cook fast, always get one with plenty of marbling – otherwise it’s very likely it’s going to dry out.

Half of the work for a hot and fast brisket is done before the actual cooking. Yes, maybe the most important step is trimming it properly. Get a sharp knife, and remove any hard fat from the “meat” side of the brisket.

This fat will not render down, instead it might act as insulation for the heat and smoke. A brisket that has been trimmed the right way, with all of its excess fat and silverskin, will cook faster and more evenly.

Rub the beef with yellow mustard and season with a strictly Texas style rub: ground pepper and sea salt.

Get your fire started! Hot means HOT, so this brisket is going to cook around 325ºF for about 5 hours, or until core temp hits 190ºF. Use your smoke wood of choice.

Pecan or mesquite work great on beef, or if you prefer a milder smoky flavor, use fruit woods like cherry wood. Mist the brisket every 45 minutes – 1 hour to keep the outside moist.

When done, rest the brisket in an empty cooler or wrapped for about 1 hour, then slice against the grain and serve.


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