It ain’t fancy but it sure as heck tastes great! Here’s a simple smoked chicken step-by-step guide for anyone to follow.

To get the most out of your chicken, we suggest you marinate the chicken first. If you’re looking for a recipe, check out this Simple Brine Recipe For Chicken (or Fish)!

How to Simple Smoked Chicken On The BBQ

If you decide to go with the brined whole chicken, start by removing the chicken from the liquid. Pat the bird dry with a paper towel, and move to the next step. If you decide to skip that (for some reason, brined chicken is awesome!) rinse the bird with cold water and pat it dry. Proceed to use your favorite BBQ rub on all sides. Optionally, place a stick of butter inside the cavity.

Get your smoker up and running! For this one, get the temperature up to 300ºF inside the chamber. Use some apple or other fruit wood for smoke.

Place the chicken on the BBQ, close the lid, and wait for the magic to happen. After an hour, spritz some apple juice to keep the skin moist. Target temperature is 175ºF in the breast.

When  the simple smoked chicken is ready, remove it from the heat and let it rest for 15-20 minutes before carving into it.


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