It’s easier said than done… learning how to sear steaks to perfection on the grill is an essential skill every pitmaster should possess and will make a world of difference in the end result, if you do it right. So be sure to follow this guide and don’t miss a beat or else…

How to sear steaks on the grill

Searing a steak is all about the temperature: your grill should be well into the 650-700°F zone. You want cook the outer layer of the meat as fast as possible to create a beautiful brown, caramelized layer of intense flavor.

While your grill is getting as hot as a volcano (unless you’re searing over real lava), it’s the perfect time to prepare the steaks.

Apply a layer of olive oil. Make sure to cover every surface on the steak, and to let any excess oil drain off the meat. Apply some kosher salt to taste but no pepper, since it will turn bitter or burn at the temperatures we’ll be cooking at.

Place the steaks on the already hot grill. Sear each side for a minute and a half (90 seconds) before pulling the meat off the grill.

Adjust the vents to lower the temperature of your pit to 400°F. While the temp is dropping, season the steaks with salt and pepper. Then place them over indirect heat.

Cook to an internal meat temperature of 130-135°F for a medium rare. Let the meat rest for 5-10 minutes before serving.



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