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Here’s how to make Salami at home, to use on a sandwich, or homemade pizza, or just eat it by itself because it’s that delicious! Using the Umai Dry© Sausage Casing pack makes life easier, and lets you enjoy home made salami in a few easy steps below…

How To Make Salami at Home Video Tutorial

Ingredients Salami (2.2lb pork shoulder)

You will also need

Mixing Your Meat Cure

To begin, cut the pork shoulder into 1″-1½” cubes. Try to keep the meat as cool as possible during this process. Chill the meat before cutting and again before grinding, to get better particle definition and more even drying later on.

You’ll need a good sausage/meat grinder and stuffer in order to do this.

Here is a high quality unit we recommend that comes with all the attachments.

Here is a more affordable unit we recommend that has less capability but definitely gets the job done.

Mix the Instacure #2 and spices. If you have a food mill, use it to get a fine powder that will distribute evenly through the meat. Knead the spices/cure into the meat until it starts to stiffen.

Dissolve the T-SPX Starter Culture in 2 tbsp of distilled (or boiled then cooled water) to remove chlorine. Knead the liquid into the meat thoroughly.

Stuffing Your Sausage Casings

Stuff the Umai Dry sausage casings using a stuffing horn. Try to avoid air pockets, while filling the casing with meat evenly and tightly. You do not have to do any moisturizing or pricking with the Umai Dry casings, but it is very important to avoid air pockets. Secure each “sausage” with the zip ties provided in the kit.

Curing Your Salami

Tie the ends and hang it at room temperature (65-70°F) for 72 hours for the culture to work. Once the meat has fermented, place the meat in a fridge on an open wire rack for 3-6 weeks.

When the salami is ready, peel off the Umai Dry casing and slice the salami. The salami is ready to use on your sandwiches and homemade pizza!

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