Looking for a guide on how to make pulled pork? After following this simple guide, your pulled pork sandwiches will become legendary.

How To Make Pulled Pork In A Kamado Grill

Prepare the pork butt by rubbing in some mustard. Apply a light coat of your favorite BBQ rub to cover the entire surface of the butt. Let it sit for ~4 hours, then add some more rub.

Lay down a first layer of charcoal in your smoker, and place a chunk of hickory smoke wood in the middle. Add some more charcoal to cover the wood chunk, and place two more Hickory chunks on top, again towards the middle of the pile. Light the charcoal in the center- fire will burn down- and outwards, eventually reaching the bottom chunk of hickory.

Preheat the cooker to 275°F. Place the meat fat side up on the grate, and cook until internal temperature hits 200°F. When ready, you should be able to pull the bone right out of the meat without much effort.

Proceed to pull the pork. Use on your sandwich or other pulled pork recipe, preferably accompanied by some BBQ sauce.


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